Saturday, 9 March 2013

Ask, Believe, Receive!

Throughout my life I searched about the things which could help me in success and to lead a life of my dreams. The most fascinating result of such curiosity was the revelation of the law of attraction!
Napolean Hill, The Legend, invented and promoted the law of attraction by interviewing and observing dozens of World's richest men of his time. His research was astonishing and amazing. The law of attraction was all the result of big dreams and unwavering faith to make them come true.
Infact we are:
                 'The masters of our own fate, captains of our own soul'
The law of attrraction has three steps or requirements:
1. Ask
2. Believe
3. Receive
In order to have what we want, we must decide and establish what we really want badly with a burning desire. After the decision just live the dream as if it has already happened. Of course live it, enjoy it, pour your emotions into it!
After that believe in what you have dreamt of. No matter how tough the going is, how disappointing the circumstances are, just keep believing and make preparations to receive. It is belief actually that works.
In the end just receive the fruit of your unwavering and strong belief.
It all can happen if done with faith, hardwork and consistency. So keep your dreams alive no matter how big they are. Always dream big. Best of luck

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